Priologic - Dedicated Software Teams

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  • Realtime web communications made easy, that's Priologic.

  • Collaborative workflow and business process apps, that's Priologic.

  • Making budgets go further with high utilization & productivity, that’s Priologic.

  • Dedicated to your business, projects & problems and taking it personally, that’s Priologic.

  • Enterprise web and mobile applications built with quality and speed, that's Priologic.

The Benefits Of A Dedicated Team From Priologic

  • Pacific Standard Time

    Pacific Standard Time

    Priologic operates on the same time zone, business hours and North American business style as its customers - allowing for immediate and effective communications all day long. Learn More

  • Enterprise Talent

    Enterprise Talent

    We pre-screen candidates thoroughly to our “fit”, a high standard and efficient low-maintenance working style with enterprise experience.
    And we offer quick, senior team assembly from a readily available & highly educated Canadian talent pool. Learn More

  • Dedicated Teams

    Dedicated Teams

    Priologic delivers great value to its customers by using a Dedicated Teams model. Our knowledge grows from ongoing and repeated projects resulting in greater efficiency over time - and thus lower costs. Learn More

  • Great Value

    Great Value

    At Priologic you get high quality teams at a very competitive price. With high utilization & productivity, budgets go much further with us. Learn More

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