Canadian Software Developers

Think of us as Silicon Valley North

We contract out highly skilled, experienced Canadian software developers.

Immediate Availability. Vetted and Skill-Matched.
And you avoid all your usual hiring headaches.

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Access the best talent immediately

Cut down on hiring times with our highly skilled, experienced, and dependable Canadian software developers. Available to join your team in weeks, not quarters.

We handle their pay and benefits, you reap the rewards of a dependable and motivated home-based developer who becomes part of your team.

Our developers get to work in Silicon Valley without leaving Canada while you get the talent and skills without the headaches of the hiring/talent acquisition and retention process. Other benefits include:

  • Same time zone
  • Highly educated and experienced
  • Employed by us but part of your team - attending all scrums and meetings remotely

And, yes, the cliché of hardworking, honest, nice, and dependable Canadian software developers with all the skills is true!

Talent crunch? What talent crunch?

We have senior and intermediate software developers with Java, Javascript, iOS, Android, C++, C# and other skills working for us.

Available for remote work now. Tap into our resources and solve your hiring headaches in weeks, not quarters.


About Priologic

Priologic Software Inc. is a company in British Columbia whose Canadian software developers have worked with Silicon Valley startup and Fortune 500 companies since 2004.

With a deep pool of highly skilled, educated, and experienced developers, our employees often stay on contract with a given customer for 5 to 10 years.

Everyone wins. Our Canadian developers get to work with some of Silicon Valley's best companies all while enjoying the benefits of where they currently live - and Silicon Valley gets to tap into available Canadian software developer skills without going through HR and hiring hoops.

"Priologic engineers are consistently top notch."
- Director in SV F500 company
"Zero defects from the Priologic team's last release is going to be tough to beat!"
- Senior Manager in SV F500 company

How we work

We find software developers in Canada who want to work remotely with companies in Silicon Valley.

  1. Based on your job profile, we find suitable Canadian software developers from our team for your position.
  2. We prescreen and interview to determine rough fit to your job profile and budget.
  3. We send you the resumes of appropriate candidates and you choose who to interview.
  4. We schedule the interviews.
  5. You interview and decide if you’d like to use one of our people.
  6. Once chosen, we develop a draft contract, and pricing to provide this resource through our Canadian company - usually from their home office.
  7. If you’re happy with the terms of our draft contract we provide an employment contract to the Canadian software developer and get their agreement.
    We're very conscious about protecting your IP and trade secrets so these contracts match terms fit to your business needs, our business needs, and the developer's needs.
  8. We sign both agreements and work to get your new resource onboard and productive from Canada.

We ensure each of our employees is competitively paid and has a full set of benefits suitable to the Canadian market:

  • 100% extended dental and health benefits
  • Competitive vacation packages
  • Employment Insurance Premiums
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Canadian statutory holidays

With our contract we offer you one affordable and all-inclusive hourly rate in USD currency so you know exactly what your cost will be.

If you need us to help outfit the software developer, we will acquire the laptops and other specialized equipment required.

In the event you no longer need our employee's services or the employee isn't meeting your expectations, we let them know and manage the transition to another position.

We carry General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance.

There is no finder's fee for our services. We take our fees over time as a markup on our costs.

Discuss the details, resolve your developer shortage today.