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We provide hard-to-find software developers from Canada. Get your next team member in weeks, not months, with Priologic.

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Work on exciting Silicon Valley projects at larger start-ups and Fortune 500 enterprises, while working in Canada with Priologic.

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We contract out highly skilled, experienced Canadian software developers and teams.

Avoid all your usual hiring headaches.

Immediate availability. Vetted and skill-matched.

In 15 days or less your company can have top Canadian talent without any finder's fee!

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About Priologic Software

Priologic Software Inc. is a Canadian software development company focused on serving Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 enterprise companies with their software development needs.

We provide dedicated, highly qualified software development teams to complete large scale, web and mobile business application development projects.

We are based in Victoria, British Columbia and have been deploying dedicated enterprise software teams since 2004.

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