It doesn't get any better than this

Working with us, you get the benefit of being part of exciting and important projects with a successful Silicon Valley company — all without having to relocate to gain this valuable experience.

If you work from home, you will be well connected to the office and your coworkers via instant messaging, social media, video conferencing, and your smartphone. You can easily contribute to the team and your projects without being physically present.

We ensure each of our employees is competitively paid and has a full set of benefits suitable to the Canadian market:

  • 100% extended dental and health benefits
  • Competitive vacation packages
  • Employment Insurance Premiums
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Canadian statutory holidays

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"They delivered a box of Timbits with a double double large coffee to my door!"
- Greg K., Priologic Software Developer, Victoria BC
"I've been with Priologic for 5 years and 2 Silicon Valley start-ups - best projects I've ever had!"
- Chris R., Developer, Victoria BC
"My job is fun! Weeee!"
- A different Chris R., Developer, Victoria BC

Oh wait, it does get better!

Some of the other benefits to working from home include:

  • Freedom from commuting: free up your time while improving your carbon footprint
  • Minimized expenses
  • No need for a work wardrobe (Sweat pant Tuesdays? Okay!)
  • Meals, snacks, and coffee at home
  • No commuting costs: vehicle, gas, insurance, maintenance, public transport
  • Free parking
  • Fewer interruptions: allows you to work more efficiently, thus increasing your productivity
  • Flexible work location: though you can work from the comfort of your own home, you’re not tied to that location – the local coffee bar always makes a nice change of scenery
  • No scents or other irritants to contend with for those with sensitivities and allergies
  • Shorter days: without the commute, you have more time to spend with family and friends to pursue your hobbies and interests, giving you an improved work-life balance

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Or if you prefer the office

If you happen to live in Victoria, BC, you can choose to work at the Priologic Software Headquarters and establish your own workspace amongst our team of software developers and engineers working on one of many active projects. Experience the perks of working in our fully equipped office and enthusiastic culture.

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